Frequently Asked Questions for Employers
What is a Vyre (pronounced as "wire") ?

Vyre is a fast, cost effective and innovative way to hire. The platform allows candidates to record and upload a 90 second video pitch about themselves to prospective employers and recruiters. It allows prospective employers to see and hear applicants, and get a feel of who the applicant is. Vyre can help recruiters reduce their hiring time by up to 40%.

What are the benefits of a Vyre?

In today’s day and age, where almost all text resumes look and feel the same, Vyre can help you, the recruiter pick out the candidate that suits your specific needs. It gives you an insight into the who the candidate really is and what his soft skills are. Through the 90-second Vyre, you can identify whether a candidate is a cultural fit for your company. Essentially, Vyre can make life easier for a recruiter in terms of processing a candidate that he has seen and heard rather than going through the pages of resumes.

How cost-effective is Vyre? Why should I use it when I have the traditional route?

Apart from the above listed benefits, one of the primary benefits from a recruiter’s point of view is the fact that Vyre can help save significant processing time, money and resources. Having already seen and heard a candidate through their Vyre, you can substantially reduce the number of candidates that one would need to call for the interview stage. Further, communication via Vyre would also help you identify those candidates who are serious about the job, thus reducing no-shows at interviews.

When I access a candidate’s profile, will I be able to view any other information apart from his Vyre?

Yes, we have introduced what we call the ‘Vyre Card’ where apart from the video, you can access a wide range of the candidate’s information ranging from his qualifications, work experience, availability, current salary, etc. In other words – a Vyre card can give a complete 360 degree view of a candidate – making decision-making easier, smoother, faster and more cost effective.

Is my access to the candidate restricted only to their video?

No, Vyre also gives you the option of sending across any additional questions that you may have for the candidate, and they can record their answers and send them across to you.

Can I only communicate with the candidate via the Vyre website?

No, once a candidate gives you access to his contact details, you have the option of reaching out to him through any channel of communication suitable for both parties.