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Vyre Will Help You Be Seen and Stand Out

How Vyre Works

Employers today are looking for candidates that are the right "fit" for their organisations. They want multi-talented people with the right skills and experience.

So, how will you stand out in a stack of resumes?

Vyre lets you Brand yourself

Use our powerful tools to showcase the REAL you

Connect with companies immediately

Interview for jobs online, jumping ahead in the queue

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Find the Right Candidate Not the Right Resume

Start your journey of finding the right candidate with Vyre

Powerful branding tools such as Video JDs and Talent Channel to attract the best talent.

"See" candidates much before you meet them with our video profiles and one-way interviews.

Intelligent Search to scout and connect with talent much before you fill a position.

Engage & build a community of potential hires by leveraging our Talent Pipeline, Chat, and Ratings.

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How Vyre Works